Title – because I’m so original

So this is it. The first Cereal’s lover blog post ever. You asking if I’m nervous? Because hell, I am. My fingers are shaking, my head is filled with bad vibes. Damn, let’s do it.
You can’t do it. Oh yes I can, watch me.

So, hello everyone! I’m Elizabeth, Ellie, Ella or whatever and I’m a teenager. Fifteen actually and this is gonna be my blog. At least I hope it will be my blog. It might end up as every other blog, with one post and nothing afterwards because no one reads it, right? Yup, that will happen. I’m sure with it. But how many of them were before me who went so far with it? Who are now sooo famous and they’re bloggin’ for famous people? What IF i’M GOING TO BE ONE OF THEM?! No, Ell, come back down. There’s no place for you up there. Sure. Maybe it won’t happen buut…what if yeah? Oh please, don’t be naive.
Okay. Let me tell you something about myself, because… that would be good thing to do, huh? Beside my name and my age, what else should you know? Nothing. Go back to sleep. Right! What do I like? I love LOVE LOVE LOVE coffee. Coffee is my life. Maybe you’re asking “but why the hell is this named Cereals lover and not Coffee lover?” It’s simple. Because Coffee lover was already used and morning cereals are my second favourite thing. Is that why are you so fat? Shut up.


I’m so bad with photos so I’m sorry if you don’t like them because honestly, I don’t like them too, lol. At least I hear something clever from ya for today. But hey! What would a blog be without photos? Nothing. Better blog with bad photos than blog without them. Not so sure. In your case it would be better without photos. And without words. At least I’ll be the blogger who can’t do it with a camera in the world of great photographers and even better bloggers. Or maybe a miracle will happen and I’ll learn how to use the stuff like photoshop… nope, that won’t happen.

Is it enough for a first post? Because I think it is. You’re right. Or should I write something more? Like why did I choose to blog and such? No.

Well, I decided to blog because… not because it’s popular but because it’s a great way to share your interests with other people. It’s a great way to make friends and since I have none, I really hope I’ll find some. I already found an amazing family. But I need friends too… you don’t.

If you happened to read it whole, just now you’ve reached the end. Congratulations!

Good night, stay safe, stay alive

Teen online going offline. Because like I said. She’s so original.